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EPA Declares New Coal Ash Handling Regulations

On December 22, 2008, a dike failure at a coal ash handling facility in Kingston, TN resulted in 5.4 million cubic yards of coal ash flooding into two nearby rivers and covering over 300 acres. The breach damaged or destroyed dozens of homes in what was the largest coal ash spill… Read More

EPA: We’ll Evaluate Biomass for Carbon-Neutral Energy Source

In what could be the beginning of positive news for the biomass industry – as well as the energy industry as a whole – the Environmental Protection Agency recently announced that it is developing a framework by which it will evaluate biomass to see if there are any “climate policy… Read More

The Three Types of Woodyards

Woodyards can be classified into three main categories: automated, manual, and semi-automated. Deciding on which approach best suits a facility’s needs requires careful evaluation of several criteria: Volume – the amount of fuel storage and throughput Size – the footprint for the woodyard Budget – capital outlay vs. operating costs… Read More

Fuel Handling Considerations when Converting to Biomass

With the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan causing such a stir, coal-fired utilities are likely weighing their options and looking for alternatives that could help them reduce their carbon footprint. One fairly straightforward strategy that takes advantage of ample, affordable, and available fuel that also qualifies as a renewable… Read More

The EPA Clean Power Plan

On June 2, 2014, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued the Clean Power Plan, which sparked discussions all across the power generation industry. With so many opinions out there, it’s sometimes difficult to determine what the plan says. If you visit the EPA website, you’ll learn that the plan is… Read More

Cost-Effective FD Fan Optimization for Generating Stations

Today, many older power plants are operating under conditions that are different from when they were originally constructed. The plants have been modified over the years to meet evolving demands, but these changes have often been approached in a piecemeal fashion, introducing inefficiencies into the total system. In many of… Read More