Bulk Materials Handling

From concept to completion, ProcessBarron manufactures and maintains equipment — as well as complete systems — to meet all your bulk materials handling needs for wood chips, biomass, wood pellets, coal, aggregate, grain or any other bulk material. We’re a turnkey solutions provider for new systems and we can conduct analysis on existing systems to identify opportunities for improved performance and reliability.

With over 30 years of actual field experience, ProcessBarron has the proven technology and designs to meet the difficult demands of the heavy industries we work in today. Our bulk materials handling equipment is known for its ruggedness and reliability. While many of our competitors claim this about their equipment, we actually live it day-to-day because we also assist our customers in maintaining it.

ProcessBarron, regardless of original manufacturer, specializes in the redesign, retrofit, and repair of bulk materials handling equipment. We even offer emergency repair services for bulk materials handling equipment. Our trained field engineers and crews can evaluate your existing equipment and make design changes to improve its performance and reliability with minimal cost to your budget and minimal downtime to the plant operation.