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Key Wood Yard Design Elements for Biomass Fuel Handling

In biomass fuel handling, the wood yard is a key component of the overall system. An efficiently-designed wood yard leads to efficiencies in the fuel handling process; a wood yard that is haphazard and poorly-designed brings inefficiencies that result in higher costs. There are three essential ways to design a… Read More

Renewable Fuel Additives Developed from Sawdust

Renewable is the word on the lips of most energy researchers in the nation, as the industry seeks to find more efficient ways to generate energy from sustainable, non-fossil fuel sources. According to a group of corporate and academic researchers, the next step may be deriving renewable fuel additives from… Read More

Fuel Flow Maintenance: Tips for Success

Everyone knows that scheduled maintenance is an essential part of running a plant. It offers a chance to upgrade, retrofit, or replace equipment that isn’t running efficiently, and it’s also a time to make assessments about compliance with emission regulations. Paying attention to fuel delivery and draft systems can pay… Read More

Fuel Handling Considerations when Converting to Biomass

With the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan causing such a stir, coal-fired utilities are likely weighing their options and looking for alternatives that could help them reduce their carbon footprint. One fairly straightforward strategy that takes advantage of ample, affordable, and available fuel that also qualifies as a renewable… Read More