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The Importance of Right-Sizing Mechanical Draft Fans

When it comes to cement production, mechanical draft fans (raw mill fan, preheater ID fan, and kiln baghouse ID fan) put a significant amount of demand on the system. Often, these fans aren’t performing at max capacity, which means it’s essential to consider possibilities to make them more efficient. How… Read More

The 5 Key Considerations of Draft Fan Assessments

Unfortunately, draft systems and industrial fans don’t always perform at maximum efficiency. Inefficiency can mean big losses for your plant, which makes draft fan assessments a necessity in order for the whole plant run at peak capacity. Below are five things to keep in mind for an effective draft fan… Read More

Delivering ROI through a Mechanical Draft Fan Retrofit

A power plant’s air handling system has a lot to do with the facility’s overall efficiency. Mechanical draft fan efficiency is a big part of the system’s performance; whenever these vital elements are compromised or inefficient, total plant performance suffers. ProcessBarron was contracted by a client to take a look… Read More

Finding the Best Flow Control Method for Mechanical Draft Fans

When it comes to controlling flow to meet fluctuating load demand in a mechanical draft fan system, there are two general types: inlet damper controls and variable speed/frequency drives. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here, we’ll talk about the two general categories of flow control methods for… Read More

Optimize Your Draft System

In one plant, design flaws in its baghouse fans were causing them to run at only 15.6-percent fan efficiency, costing the facility over $500,000 in unnecessary operating costs annually. Retrofitting the baghouse ID fans with optimized specs paid off with an eight-month return on investment.  Advice to optimize draft systems… Read More