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How The Properties of Particulates Affect Air Pollution Control

In this post, Ivan Sretenovic, Director of Operations and Sales for ProcessBarron Canada, explains how ProcessBarron’s expertise in various industrial processes and the resulting flue gas particulate properties helps us customize solutions to your industry. Air pollution control solutions (APC) vary by industry, and each industry faces different challenges because… Read More

Dust Collectors FAQ: Answering Your Questions

Dust collectors are vital parts of plants in the cement & lime, biomass, power, pulp & paper, iron and steel, textile, and mining industries. Without them, dust will accumulate and cause serious problems with your plant’s ID Fan equipment and the final product (if applicable). Mechanical dust collectors in and… Read More

How Mechanical Dust Collectors Help to Preserve Equipment

While mechanical dust collectors have a long history of use alongside biomass-fired boilers, their modern function has changed. Their primary function today is integration into air handling systems, where they function as a pre-cleaner to remove particles from flue gas. This helps to extend the life of pollution control equipment… Read More

3 Ways Multiclone Dust Collectors Boost Efficiency

Many plant managers often find themselves trying to keep emissions in check without cutting back on production, but the two aren’t always possible at the same time. Fortunately, with a multiclone dust collector, decreasing particulate emissions and maximizing production can be done simultaneously — saving plant managers money and keeping… Read More

How Modern Industrial Dust Collectors Change the Game

For industrial facilities, dust is the enemy. Dust can foul up a production process and contribute to higher emissions, higher operational costs, and a less streamlined process. Left unchecked, an abundance of dust can wreak havoc on systems and cause degradation. The consequences of excess dust are the reason industrial… Read More

Preserve Your Equipment with Mechanical Dust Collectors

Mechanical dust collectors have been used with biomass-fired boilers for more than 60 years. Today, they are primarily integrated into air handling systems as a “precleaner” that removes ash and sand particles from flue gas, thereby extending the operational life of induced draft (ID) fans and pollution control equipment. A… Read More