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Introducing SafeT Brake: Stop and Lock Industrial Fans In Less Than 1 Minute

Revolutionizing Industrial Fan Maintenance: Introducing SafeT Brake by ProcessBarron Allen Ray, Vice President of ProcessBarron’s Air and Gas Handling Group, introduces SafeT Brake, a revolutionary rotor-locking device designed to transform industrial fan maintenance. This first-of-its-kind innovation is poised to minimize downtime and enhance safety in industrial parallel fan systems, addressing… Read More

Mechanical Fly Ash Conveyors vs. Pneumatic Systems

In this post, David Cantu, ProcessBarron’s Director of Materials Handling, shares his experience working with mechanical ash handling systems and pneumatic ash handling systems. At ProcessBarron, we install mechanical fly ash conveyor systems. A lot of times, we are replacing older pneumatic ash handling systems. Each type of system has pros… Read More