Draft System Testing

Fan Flow Testing & Reporting

ProcessBarron performs on-site draft system analysis and flow testing to identify centrifugal fan equipment and design efficiency problems, and report opportunities for loss prevention including fan modification and flow path obstruction removal.

The industrial fans that provide combustion air and then exhaust the gases through the air pollution control system are some of the largest parasitic loads required in the operation of a boiler. These industrial fans include primary air fans, forced draft fans, over-fire air fans, flue gas-recirculation fans and induced draft fans.

“Right-sizing” Industrial Fans

More often than not, fans are either oversized or undersized, and not operating at their peak efficiency. Given today’s competitive climate, evaluating the operation of these fans and their systems to adjust their capacity to match the system and its resistance as well as examining possibilities to improve efficiencies is a smart business decision.

ProcessBarron uses performance testing to identify fan performance improvements and issues. Field flow testing identifies these performance issues and from this information we can analyze the fan performance and make recommendations for improvement. Often, we improve fan efficiency and reduce horsepower consumption of the fans when making these improvements.

The engineers at ProcessBarron use computational fluid dynamics (CFD) computer modeling to predict the air or gas flow through fans and draft systems.

  • CFD identifies potential problem areas and from this we can make recommendations for duct turning vanes, duct modifications, and fan performance improvements.
  • Finite element analysis (FEA) computer modeling identifies stress analysis on fans to determine if there are any structural or natural frequency issues with the fans and to predict the fatigue life of fans.

We can help your plant effectively assess current volumetric flow rate and pressure requirements, and make modification recommendations like “right sizing” forced draft and induced draft fans. Our fan service experts can fully test your draft system, report critical findings, and give you clear guidance on achieving improved efficiency while lowering operational costs.