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Wyoming Set to Host Clean Coal Test Project in 2018

Clean Coal Technologies, Inc., a technology developer, is planning to relocate a test facility from Oklahoma to Wyoming by the end of January. The facility is designed to use a unique coal dehydration technique to turn Powder River Basin coal into a cleaner version that burns with fewer emissions. Coal-drying… Read More

EPA Head Pruitt: A Plan to Replace the Clean Power Plan Is Coming

A plan to replace the Clean Power Plan will soon be introduced, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. On December 7th, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt informed members of the House of Representatives that a plan to repeal the controversial CPP from the Obama administration will be introduced soon. This is… Read More

Trump’s 2018 Budget: Drastic Cuts for the EPA

President Trump’s budget for 2018 includes dramatic funding cuts of more than 31% for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This would mean a 35% cut for the EPA’s operational budget for fiscal year 2018, and it would put a stop to state funding for environmental cleanup and nonpoint source pollution… Read More

Fighting Climate Change through Technology

If the results of a survey conducted at a gathering of energy executives and leaders are any indication, the industry is fully aware of the threat posed by climate change (contrary to public perception). Fortunately, the executives weren’t all doom and gloom about climate change; rather, they believe that climate… Read More

Common Sense Solutions for Minimizing Biomass Plant Emissions

The energy industry lives now in a world defined by regulations controlling power plant emissions. The toughest anti-emission regulations the industry has ever known have been put into place over the past eight years, and while a Trump administration will undoubtedly attempt to scale back as many as they can,… Read More

Washington State Reworking Ambitious Carbon Emissions Plan

Last December, Washington state Governor Jay Inslee introduced an ambitious plan to reduce carbon emissions in the state by forcing polluters to pay for their greenhouse gas emissions. The plan, however, scared businesses and drew criticism for being anti-business, among other complaints. Democrats in the state legislature, eager to salvage… Read More