Turnkey Services

Engineering, Fabrication & Installation

At ProcessBarron Turnkey System Management isn’t just a catch phrase.   Our expertise in all aspects of turnkey manufacturing of fuel, air and ash handling equipment makes us the industry’s total systems solutions provider.

  • Complete System Analysis
  • Design & Engineering
  • Component Manufacturing
  • On-site Installation

We match our services to your needs, providing labor, supervision, delivery and managing every step in between – from concept to completion.  Our teams analyze existing systems to identify opportunities for improved performance and reliability.  Whether it’s improving the efficiency of your facility’s fuel feed system or modifying industrial fans and draft systems to reduce power drains, ProcessBarron’s turnkey system management provides it all.

  • Air Handling Turnkey Services: Centrifugal Fans, Duct Systems, Dampers, Expansion Joints, Dust Collectors, Air Heaters & Field Services
  • Fuel Handling Turnkey Services:  Fuel Feed Conveyors, Reclaimers, Metering Bins & Field Services
  • Ash Handling Turnkey Services:   Conveyors, Ash Unloaders, Rotary Airlock Feeders, Double Dump Valves, Ash Storage Silos

Our in-house turnkey engineering department develops equipment drawings in CAD format (AutoCad) for easy import into electronic systems designs, and our construction crews weld equipment to AWS (American Welding Society) Standard D1.1 “Structural Welding – Steel.”  All material handling equipment is built and tested according to ISO 9000 quality control standards.