HSRG Isolation Doors

HRSG Isolation Doors

ProcessBarron designs, manufactures, and installs HRSG isolation doors to protect Heat Recovery Steam Generation (HRSG) systems.

HRSG systems are often found in coke plants, power plants, desalination plants, and universities, where they are used to recover heat from hot gas streams in order to create steam for cogeneration or exclusive electrical generation.

Isolation Doors are designed for high temperature systems such as HRSG or Gas Turbine Generators. These units allow rapid isolation of downstream equipment such as an HRSG boiler or other heat exchanger, and the subsequent venting of hot gasses from the protected piece of equipment to atmosphere. The entire drive assembly of the door is outside of the air stream, i.e., shafts bearing, door supports, etc. The underside of the door is refractory lined, usually with stack bond or other insulation. The topside of the door is coated with special heat reflective coating to protect the metal from short term exposure to the venting hot gases.

While equipment is normally installed in negative pressure systems, special design features can be added to allow some positive pressure solutions. Call us to discuss your particular system requirements.

The drive can be either electric or pneumatic, depending on the customer’s preference and/or the speed that is required for the door to cycle. All of the refractory seal elements are replaceable during routine outages. We also offer routine inspection and maintenance of both the mechanical components and refractory elements.

HRSG systems typically fail due to flow accelerated corrosion, corrosion fatigue, and stress corrosion. If you suspect your system is vulnerable to these issues, please contact ProcessBarron.

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