Traveling Screw Reclaimers

Efficient Traveling Screw Reclaimers

As lateral track based screw reclaimers, traveling screw reclaimers feature a core screw with welded spiral flights. These spiral flights pull the wood and biomass particles from the storage piles and move them into the boiler feed system.

To strengthen the durability of our traveling screw reclaimers, ProcessBarron applies a protective abrasion-resistant coating of ceramic, tungsten carbide or chromium carbide to the spiral flights.

The technology for traveling screw reclaimers is offered through a licensee agreement with Raumaster Oy from Rauma, Finland. Raumaster Oy has over 30 years experience with traveling screw reclaimer technology and has hundreds of installations across the world, including the U.S.A. and Canada.

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