Ash Silos, Conditioners & Unloaders

ProcessBarron fabricates ash silos, conditioners and unloaders to withstand the harshest environments, while fitting seamlessly into current ash handling systems.

From fly ash to bottom ash, ProcessBarron provides conditioning, collection and ash storage solutions for an array of ash handling needs. ProcessBarron also provides ash collection or particulate matter collection systems for applications including: recovery boiler salt cake, cement clinker, lime and particulate from steel plant processes.

Silos and Storage

ProcessBarron has designed ash storage silos complete with structural support steel and access platforms from 300 cubic feet to 17,500 cubic feet in storage capacity. All ash storage designs are professionally engineered to meet the customers’ requirements for performance, structural, and accessibility. Ash silos from ProcessBarron are designed to safely and efficiently store ash, whether it’s a fly ash silo from coal, wood and refuse derived fuel (RDF) or bottom ash storage.

ProcessBarron ash storage systems, including fly ash silos, are manufactured from the strongest metals available and are custom-designed to interlink with ash conveyors, rotary valves and ash unloaders.

Conditioners and Unloaders

Ash conditioners are a highly effective pre-treatment system, helping to reduce the amount of ash released into the air prior to final disposal.

To ensure that unloading stage of the ash handling system is effective, ProcessBarron fits ash conditioners with paddles that churn the dry ash with water to create a damp substance. This substance is then transferred to a roll-off truck below for transport and final disposal.

While able to fabricate custom size and capacity ash unloaders, ProcessBarron offers three standard ash conditioner sizes, with processing capacity ranging from 1600 – 4300 cubic feet / hour. These complete ash handling system assemblies include motor and drive, and feature abrasion resistant paddles reinforced with ceramic tips for long service life.

A gradual three stage wetting process facilitates improved mixing of water and ash as it flows through the conditioner, which helps minimize dusting during load-out. Large inspection doors provide convenient paddle access without requiring screw removal.

Ash conditioners (also called ash unloaders) are key to the ash handling system. As one of the last steps in the ash handling process, ash conditioners minimize the environmental impact of ash handling and unloading that is the by-product of power generation processes.