Louver Dampers

Custom Louver Dampers

Parallel Blade Louver Dampers are available for open-close service, fixed flow balance control, and for use as a variable control damper at the inlet box of a fan to pre-spin the air entering the fan wheel.

  • Multi-louver parallel blade fan inlet dampers, with airfoil blades, provide excellent fan control. High strength adjustable blade linkage with self-aligning rod ends is available, in addition to refractory lining for operation in high-temperature conditions.
  • Multi-louver parallel blade isolation dampers for open-close service or fixed flow balance control are manufactured with stainless steel spring seals that reduce leakage to less than 1%. Self-aligning blade shaft packing glands are available to maintain exact concentricity of the packing to the blade shaft at all times, providing maintenance-free service.

Opposed Blade Louver Dampers are used where the system requires air flow control or balance and can be used for on-off service.

  • Fan outlet multi-louver opposed blade dampers are designed to provide balance flow control. Internal stainless steel spring seals furnish tight shut-off, allowing isolation of the fan for maintenance. Heavy duty adjustable blade linkage with high strength spherical rod ends provide precise blade movement, while self-lubricating high temperature spherical carbon sleeve bearings running on stainless steel shaft allow for maintenance free service.

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