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Reclaim Systems for Storage & Metering

Reclaimers for All Applications

ProcessBarron designs and fabricates bulk material handling reclaimers for all types of boiler feed systems. Our engineers can design a custom reclaimer solution to fit specific storage space and feed capacity requirements and will tailor reclaimer dimensions and work with existing equipment to reduce project costs.

ProcessBarron has been designing, manufacturing and installing reclaimers throughout North America for decades. During that time, our team has developed a solid understanding of the best bulk handling reclaimer systems for power production, metal generation and pulp and paper industries. ProcessBarron custom designs an array of reclaimers, including:

ProcessBarron engineers work to determine the best material handling reclaimers, integrating any necessary redundancy that will keep your fuel feed system running efficiently and effectively. The ProcessBarron team can also work with you to determine the various choices, including determining the most cost effective options regarding reclaimer and feed system automation.