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How ProcessBarron Helps You Achieve Your Corporate Goals to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Over the last several years, forward-thinking organizations have recognized the benefits of setting goals to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. ProcessBarron understands the importance of reducing your corporate carbon footprint, and we have the tools and resources to help your company take significant steps towards reaching these goals! Read More

Lignin: The Latest Developments in the Biorefinery World

This class of polymers may just overtake petroleum as the principal agent in the chemical industry: lignin. A natural, plant-based polymer, lignin ascribes to 30% of lignocellulose biomass. For context, lignocellulose biopolymers are responsible for plant structure and support. Lignin, as a largely untapped renewable resource, has set the industry… Read More

U.S. Engineering Firm Makes Larch Chips More Appealing to Pulp Mills

Harmick Engineering, an American firm, has been granted patents in Canada, the United States, and Russia for the extraction of arabinogalactan and taxifolin from larch (tamarack) wood chips. Keep reading for more information.  Harmick Engineering’s CellFuel Portable Biomass Refinery This Minneapolis facility allows mills to produce sugars and ethanol from… Read More