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Category: Pulp and Paper

COVID-19 Can’t Stop Global Pulp Shipments

According to a recent report from Wood Resources International, the forest products industry has been surprisingly resilient during the COVID-19 pandemic. The coronavirus has negatively impacted the supply chains of several industry sectors across the globe over the past few months. A lot of commodity products saw reduced trade in… Read More

E-commerce Growth Expected to Boost Coated Paper Application Industry

To little surprise, the e-commerce industry is experiencing significant growth across developed and developing nations alike—mainly thanks to the wide variety of products available at consumers’ fingertips at a relatively lower cost. This rise in popularity affects a lot of different industries, but one, in particular, is coated paper applications…. Read More

Increasing Pulp Mill Profitability by Reducing Process Variability

In today’s pulp and paper industry, increasing profitability simply by increasing output isn’t very effective—there’s no guarantee that the extra product you push out will ever be purchased. Reducing variability in your process, however, is a reliable way to increase your mill’s profitability. It can also lead to cost savings… Read More

The Benefits of Air Casters in Paper Mills

When it comes to paper manufacturers and converters, nothing is more important than ensuring safe load movement. Daily paper production and processing requires safe, and very precise, movement of multi-ton paper, tissue, diaper, and corrugated rolls—some of which are 12,000 pounds before they’re converted into smaller rolls. Because of their… Read More

How ProcessBarron Serves the Pulp & Paper Industry

ProcessBarron has been a professional advocate for the pulp and paper industry for nearly 40 years and counting. Whatever your facility needs we can provide, because we’re your one-stop-shop in the industry for emergency repairs, equipment upgrades, routine maintenance, and anything else you might need to keep your facility running… Read More

How the Paper Industry is Thriving in the Digital Age

Even in the age of digitization, smartphones, and tablets, the paper and forest products industry isn’t budging—instead, it’s shifting its focus. Keep reading for highlights on the industry’s areas of growth, including potential innovations in packaging and the overall value chain.  How Digital and the Paper Industry are Working Together… Read More

The Latest News in Pulp & Paper

A global initiative called Two Sides, whose goal is to promote the sustainability of print and paper, is tackling misleading environmental claims made by large corporations all over the world. These companies are pushing serious misconceptions about “going paperless,” using the environment to sway them. Two Sides has been challenging… Read More