Rotary Feeders

Rotary Airlock Feeders

ProcessBarron’s large rotary airlock feeders are critical to a reliable ash handling system.

Rotary airlock feeders meter and move fine, sticky materials such as recovery boiler salt cake, pulverized coal, fly ash, bottom ash, sand and limestone to conveyors or ash conditioners.

From enduring the temperature intensity to the demands of maintaining pressure requirements, rotary airlock feeders must function reliably to ensure ash handling efficiency and environmental compliance. Constructed from heavy duty carbon steels, stainless steel, or abrasion resistant steels, these premium air-tight feeders feature shallow rounded pockets that prevent material build up in the rotor and facilitate improved flow.

Additionally, these feeders have shear-pin overload protection, convenient clean-out access doors, and can operate at various speeds through simple sprocket modification. Designed for standard materials handling capacities and dimensions, ProcessBarron can internally fabricate high-end rotary airlock feeders to your system requirements.

ProcessBarron also provides Raumaster Airlock Feeders, comprehensive field inspections, and can help maintain, repair, or rebuild equipment.