Steel & Metals

In almost every area where construction is present, you’ll find steel and metals. As the industry continues to have a major impact in the construction, power generation, and mechanical engineering fields worldwide, ProcessBarron wants to help you get the job done well. The ability to have your plant run at full capacity is what makes your business successful. Don’t miss out on opportunities because of equipment limitations.

The harsh conditions of a processing plant require equipment that can withstand the demands of daily wear and tear. Working with strong metal materials and steel can provide production challenges, but our team is ready to meet them. We understand that you need everything from repair and inspection to custom equipment solutions. That’s why ProcessBarron offers an array of total services to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs for integrated mills and mini-mills throughout North America and the world.

ProcessBarron has a team of more than 250 industry experts ready to provide your mill or processing plant with creative solutions and everyday maintenance. Founded in 1981, we value consistency, reliability, and efficiency as the keys to keeping your business growing.

Air Handling

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