Access Doors

Access Door Options

The “basic” assembly consists of: a cast ductile iron door, a cast ductile iron door frame, a rope style door gasket, cast iron quick clamps, mounting hardware and sealing mastic.  The words “DANGER OPEN WITH CAUTION” are part of the cast pattern and located in two places on each door.

Size selection is largely subjective, and can depend on the panel size on which it is mounted, size of material to be passed through the door and customer preference.

6″ x 9″

18″ x 18″

18″ x 24″

24″ x 30″

 Door Opening Size

Overall Dimensions

Unit Weight

 6″ x 9″

13″ x 16″

33 lbs

 18″ x 18″

25″ x 25″

130 lbs

 18″ x 24″

25″ x 31″

152 lbs

 24″ x 30″

31″ x 37″

240 lbs

The maximum recommended continuous operating temperature for our cast iron door assemblies is 800ºF.  Brief excursions to 1000ºF may be tolerated.  The structural design pressure is 3 PSI (83 inches W.G.).

All four size door assemblies are always in stock and ready for immediate shipment.  Adding the options below extends the leadtime by an average of 2-3 weeks, with the exception of a personalized logo.

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Optional features to the basic door assembly:

Adapter Frames  This is manufactured out of ASTM A36 angle and the standard size is 3” X 3” X 1/4”.  It is drilled with a pattern matching the cast iron door frame.  This is commonly used in applications where the door assembly needs to stand off from the equipment and where seal welding is preferred.

Safety Chains  This is recommended where a potentially dangerous head of material may be behind the door. It includes a suitable length of 9/32” alloy chain, hook with a thumb latch and two eye-bolts screwed into the door frame.  This accessory is mandatory on all hopper applications.

Mineral Wool  Mineral wool insulation consist of three layers of 1” thick, 20lbs./ft3  material contained in a bolt-on retaining pan made of 14GA. ASTM A606 steel.

Castable Refractory  Castable refractory insulation is poured 3” inches thick and out of 50lbs./ft3. material.

Grab Bar  This is manufactured out of ASTM A36 bar and drilled with a pattern matching the cast iron door frame.

Personalized Logo  Your company trademark or logo can be cast as part of the door for a one-time charge when sufficient quantities are requested.