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Even in a Global Pandemic, The Biomass Industry Continues to Run

As with many industries, from hospitality to healthcare, biomass has shouldered some of COVID-19’s broad impact. The immediate aftershock when the pandemic hit levied a hefty economic toll, as businesses shut down and biomass demand plummeted.  But, like healthcare, forestry, and agriculture, biomass was deemed essential, which meant production had… Read More

Relocating a Paper Mill? Here’s How to Do It Well

There’s quite a bit to consider when planning to relocate a paper mill, with moving parts aplenty—both literally and figuratively. But relocation doesn’t have to be a complete headache—not if adequate preparation precedes the move. It’s a tall order under most any circumstances to be sure, but there are procedures… Read More

Keeping Boilers & Burners Optimized Saves You Money—Here’s How

Time’s passage carries a sting to it in a number of applications—and that certainly rings true in industrial processes. However, there are remedies to help ensure continued application efficiency and healthy bottom lines. Proactive treatments and tune-ups can prove especially beneficial to boilers and burners, which have a penchant to… Read More

Bio-Based Additives May Improve Papermaking

The pulp and paper industry is no stranger to renewable resources; bio-based raw materials continually blip onto the market’s radar. Now, leading research has set the industry abuzz with potential papermaking improvements—through the use of bio-based additives. The solutions have already drawn attention for their proposed benefits: both in quality… Read More

Biomass Fuel Produced from Canadian Construction Waste Wood

Leftover wood from the construction of a large hydroelectric project in Labrador, Canada will be used as biomass fuel.  This 824 MW hydroelectric generating facility, called the Muskrat Falls project, resulted in a significant amount of timber being cut down. That timber is now being chipped and sent to companies… Read More

Avoid Overheating Plant Outages with AI-Supported Thermal Tagging

Heat in excess carries a penchant to cause things to go haywire. And summer offers heat in abundance. Summer also ushers in the Atlantic hurricane season, which can prove crippling to the utility industries. This turbulent mix of excess heat and extreme storms may cause sharp dips in productivity through… Read More

Diesel Biofuel Blendstock Produced Via New Catalytic Process

A breakthrough in catalytic science has swept onto the scene: a less risky, more cost-effective sustainable diesel biofuel solution. Produced through a joint effort, the recently pioneered, one-phase catalytic process could prove vital in meeting increased diesel fuel demand.  Pioneering a Process The revolutionary continuous catalytic process owes its roots… Read More

Lignin: The Latest Developments in the Biorefinery World

This class of polymers may just overtake petroleum as the principal agent in the chemical industry: lignin. A natural, plant-based polymer, lignin ascribes to 30% of lignocellulose biomass. For context, lignocellulose biopolymers are responsible for plant structure and support. Lignin, as a largely untapped renewable resource, has set the industry… Read More