Radial Tip Fans

Radial Tip Fan Construction

Radial tip fans provide safe, reliable operation, and are typically used with dust collection systems, cyclone receiver installations, make-up air, and general ventilation applications. Radial tip fans feature clockwise or counter clockwise rotation, and are available with either belt or direct drive control.

Operating advantages of these industrial fans include a low cost-to-flow rate ratio, self cleaning characteristics, and efficient service in abrasive environments prone to build up. While these centrifugal fans often require large housings that can be problematic when space is an issue, radial tip fans are easily maintained.

Process Barron custom fabricates efficient new and replacement radial tip fans with efficiency rating from 72 – 78% and performance capabilities up to 175,000 CFM. Fan rotors are balanced to ANSI standards.

Radial tip fan designs are suitable to handle up to 250°F with wheel diameters ranging from 24.5” – 98”. They also contain continuously welded housings, multiple discharge positions, and multiple arrangements.

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