Category: Biomass Boilers

How to Fight Boiler Corrosion

Corrosion is a threat any time you have a piece of equipment made of metal. There are various types of corrosion, but all can wreak havoc on an essential piece of equipment – especially one that regularly comes in contact with gases and liquids like a boiler system. Boilers are… Read More

Increasing Boiler Efficiency with Economizers and Air Preheaters

Boiler efficiency is critical for coal and biomass plants. Every incremental efficiency improvement leads to improvements to  your bottom line. Even one point of efficiency increase can make a big difference, especially in a system that is, by nature, inefficient compared to other fuel sources. Coal and biomass boiler systems… Read More

When Is It Time for a Boiler Retrofit or Upgrade?

Boilers are essential pieces of equipment for power plants. Without a fully-functional boiler, the plant’s power generation capabilities are inefficient – or, worse, sidelined indefinitely. As boilers age – and as your plant undergoes transformation, particularly if you convert from coal to biomass – you’ll need to maintain their level… Read More

New Material Can Improve Biomass Combustion Efficiency

According to researchers in Sweden, a new material used in biomass beds can increase efficiency of waste while decreasing costs for biomass boilers. The bed material – metal oxide – could be a replacement for sand and other conventional materials used in beds for boilers, based on its oxygen-carrying properties…. Read More