Category: Biomass Boilers

How to Fight Boiler Corrosion

Corrosion is a threat any time you have a piece of equipment made of metal. There are various types of corrosion, but all can wreak havoc on an essential piece of equipment – especially one that regularly comes in contact with gases and liquids like a boiler system. Boilers are… Read More

When Is It Time for a Boiler Retrofit or Upgrade?

Boilers are essential pieces of equipment for power plants. Without a fully-functional boiler, the plant’s power generation capabilities are inefficient – or, worse, sidelined indefinitely. As boilers age – and as your plant undergoes transformation, particularly if you convert from coal to biomass – you’ll need to maintain their level… Read More

New Material Can Improve Biomass Combustion Efficiency

According to researchers in Sweden, a new material used in biomass beds can increase efficiency of waste while decreasing costs for biomass boilers. The bed material – metal oxide – could be a replacement for sand and other conventional materials used in beds for boilers, based on its oxygen-carrying properties…. Read More