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Mechanical Fly Ash Conveyors vs. Pneumatic Systems

In this post, David Cantu, ProcessBarron’s Director of Materials Handling, shares his experience working with mechanical ash handling systems and pneumatic ash handling systems. At ProcessBarron, we install mechanical fly ash conveyor systems. A lot of times, we are replacing older pneumatic ash handling systems. Each type of system has pros… Read More

How to Maximize Efficiency at Your Cement Plant with Vertical Roller Mills and Industry-Leading Maintenance

No matter what industry you are in, reliable, efficient equipment has always been among the most valued assets. With the right products and proper maintenance, your business can increase productivity while lowering operational costs.  Using a vertical roller mill (VRM) to grind cement ingredients is a terrific example. Read on… Read More

Solving Bulk Material Handling Flow Problems

The efficiency of a bulk materials handling operation depends heavily on the quality of the flow of materials through our machines. When pluggages occur in our machines, they cost us time, money and resources, not to mention they often present dangers for our operators. Problems inevitably occur in every line… Read More

Fatigue Improvement Techniques for Welds

The great majority of industrial machines, including their supporting structures, have to contend with changing loads over the course of their lifetimes. Most of these machines are at least partially assembled by welding, which requires that their welded joints sustain those fluctuating loads over the entire life of the machine…. Read More

Cement Lime Plaster Investments Grow in GCC

Cement, lime, and plaster is a growing component of the global economy as construction ramps up after the Great Recession. As the global economy recovers – and, in some places, surpasses pre-recession levels – demand for new construction increases to the point where material handling is growing. One area in… Read More