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Category: biomass

Biomass Helps Accomplish Goal of Reduced Carbon Emissions

The Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency recently released a new study, concluding that biomass does, in fact, play “a significant role in a climate-neutral, circular economy.” The study is titled “Availability and Application Possibilities of Sustainable Biomass,” and draws upon 400 paper and 150 interviews. This study is the latest in… Read More

Wood Bioenergy Conference

The ProcessBarron team had the privilege of attending the sixth Wood Bioenergy Conference & Expo March 10 through 11! The event was held in the Grand Ballroom at the CNN Center in Atlanta, Georgia.  About the Wood Bioenergy Conference Each year, this event is immediately followed by the Panel &… Read More

The Pellet Sector of Biomass is Thriving: Pellet Exports for February and March

Pellets are biofuel feedstock made from compressed industrial waste, agricultural residues, energy crops, and lumber. They power a plethora of processes in the manufacturing industry, and the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service recently released updated reports on the performance of pellets. Pellet Exports in February Wood pellet exports reached 501,563.9 metric… Read More

The Latest in Biomass News

The University of Maine recently introduced a pilot plant at their Forest Bioproducts Research Institute off the heels of a breakthrough in biomass energy. One student discovered how to use heat, rather than oil, to turn wood biomass into crude oil. The discovery came about when the student was experimenting… Read More

The Latest in Biomass

Massachusetts Donates Millions to Support Biomass Thanks to the Department of Energy Resources for the state of Massachusetts, five infrastructure projects will receive grants for their work in increasing the availability of low-carbon heating fuels such as wood chips and biofuels. The grants for all five projects amount to $2.89… Read More

The Latest News in Biomass | 2019

According to, a power station in North Yorkshire is in the final stages of commissioning Europe’s first trial of negative emissions technology. The goal is to capture carbon dioxide, instead of only limiting emissions. Carbon dioxide will be generated by burning biomass using a new solvent developed by C-Capture,… Read More