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5 Things to Know About Multiclone Dust Collectors

When emissions exceed regulatory standards, plant managers are often faced with the dilemma of cutting back production in order to maintain compliance or incur stiff penalties.  Fortunately, there are smart equipment options, like Multiclone Dust Collectors, that help maximize efficiency while reducing particulate emissions. The… read more

5 Things to Know About Draft System Assessments

More often than not, draft systems and industrial fans are not operating at their peak efficiency. Given today’s competitive climate, evaluating the operation of these fans and systems to adjust capacity and examining ways to improve efficiencies is a smart business decision. Simple steps, big… read more

Common Sense Solutions to Minimize Emissions

When it comes to minimizing biomass-powered plant emissions, there are simple steps every plant can take that can reduce the need for costly back-end emission reducing equipment.  In an article for Biomass Products & Technology, Cliff Moss, Vice President and Director of Material Handling at… read more

Rapid ROI Initiaitive Announced at Power-Gen International 2009

Process Barron introduces its 2010 suite of cost-saving equipment solutions that can provide 1 to 3 year ROIs for air, fuel & material handling systemsDecember 2, 2009, Pelham, AL – Process Barron will use Power-Gen International 2009 to introduce its updated suite of cost-effective air… read more