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Equipment Spotlight: Material Handling Conveyors

Understanding the differences between material handling conveyor systems can help you avoid system failures and unnecessary design complexities that can reduce reliability and increase cost.   Drag Chain Conveyors Generally used in dust-tight environments, drag chain conveyors are ideal for handling hot, abrasive and/or corrosive material, and when a shift… read more

Simple Solutions for Ash Handling Systems

Cliff Moss, VP for Materials Handling at ProcessBarron, detailed challenges and simple solutions for ash handling systems in the September issue of Biomass Products and Technology.  His article “Biomass Ash Handling: Simplifying the Challenges” details common pitfalls and simple solutions that can improve reliability, reduce downtime… read more

Three Ways to Streamline Your Shutdown

Scheduled shutdowns can often become a plant’s most expensive project. From the expense of equipment maintenance to the loss of production, downtime can significantly magnify financial strain. However, there are ways you can mitigate the costs of routine maintenance. Here are three tips:   1…. read more

Equipment Spotlight: Double Dump Valve

Valves are the gatekeepers of the ash handling system. Even the slightest inefficiencies can greatly impact productivity, so it is important to understand the aspects of different valves options.  With Double-Dump Valves, you can expect: Less Deterioration. While rotary valves are a good option for… read more