What Is a Turnkey Service Provider?

turnkey service provider

The phrase “turnkey service provider” sounds great – it brings to mind a provider that’s already ready to work with you and has an understanding of your industry. The allure of partnering with a company that doesn’t need to be told what you do is certainly understandable, but how can you know if you’re working with a true turnkey service provider, or someone who simply calls themselves that without much to back it up?

Here are three questions to ask when evaluating a turnkey service provider.

#1: Do They Have Enough Personnel?

When you sign on with a turnkey service provider, you should not need any additional subcontractors. All personnel that you need should come through the provider, negating the need for extra expenses and more people to manage. In other words, you should be dealing with one entity, not several — so if the company you are considering doesn’t have the staff to cover your needs, they may not be a true turnkey provider for what you need.

#2: What Is Their Process Like?

A true turnkey provider will have a comprehensive, streamlined process in place that you can easily evaluate. Your provider should do more than just treat symptoms of a problem; they should go to the root of the issue and work to solve it. When it comes to equipment problems, you don’t need a temporary bandage — you need a diagnosis and treatment plan.

#3: What Kind of Resources Do They Have?

Your provider’s services should include a lot of things, including all the necessary resources for any project. They shouldn’t be outsourcing anything, and neither should you — it should all be done in-house from start to finish, and everything you need should be taken care of.

ProcessBarron Is the Turnkey Service Provider You Need!

We are dedicated to a high level of commitment to our customers, and when we call ourselves a turnkey service provider, we don’t do so lightly. Whatever your facility needs, ProcessBarron can cover it! Contact us today for more information.