ProcessBarron and Power-Gen International 2017

We’re thrilled to be going to Power-Gen International, December 5-7 in Las Vegas. There are a lot of reasons we’re looking forward to being a part of this event, but the main one is that we love the industry — and more than that, we love helping plant managers be successful at their jobs and keep their plants up and running. That’s one reason we’re so excited about the Power-Gen University courses that will be offered at the event; we support anything that helps plant managers run their facilities more efficiently.

Let’s take a look at a few of the things we’ve done that have given us a passion for supporting industrial facilities and helping them achieve success.

We Provided Custom Airfoil Fans in North Dakota

When a power plant in North Dakota needed heavy-duty custom airfoil fans, ProcessBarron was there to design and produce the right fans. Going along with that were the inlet boxes, inlet and outlet louver dampers, inlet and outlet expansion joints, coupling guards, and more. But we didn’t stop there; we continued to provide on-site field services to make sure that the fans worked properly after installation. That’s because we don’t quit once the job is complete — we keep working to make sure that maintenance, repairs, and support is provided, as well.

We Are Experts on Mechanical Draft Fans

When it comes to the all-important mechanical draft fan, no one knows them like ProcessBarron. We also know that these fans aren’t usually operating at peak capacity, which means inefficiencies may be occurring in any given plant. With ProcessBarron, that’s just not acceptable — and we won’t rest until we have optimized your plant’s mechanical draft fan in such a way that losses are kept at a minimum and your facility is running at peak efficiency.

We Manufactured Fans for a Power Plant in Wyoming

When a Wyoming power plant needed customized fans for induced draft service on a balanced draft coal fired steam generator, ProcessBarron was there. We designed and manufactured the needed fans, including inlet boxes, variable inlet vanes, couplings, and more. We also offered on-site technical service supervision to make sure the installation and startup went off without a hitch.

We Helped a Utility Plant Recover $678,000 Per Year

A plant in the northeast United States was losing $25 million due to unit load limitation on a 400 MW unit. This was because of the induced draft fans firing natural gas for fuel. Over the years, the limitation had gotten worse and worse — until finally, efficiency was at an all-time low. ProcessBarron located and repaired the leakage in the flue gas system, encouraged tipping the fan impeller, and suggested installing a more efficient fan impeller design in order to get more capacity with reduced motor horsepower. After this new efficient impeller design, the plant saved $678,000 per year!

Going to Power-Gen 2017? Come See Us!

If you will be attending Power-Gen International in Las Vegas, please find our booth and say hello! We’ll be at Booth #7417. Look forward to seeing you there!