How Mechanical Dust Collectors Help to Preserve Equipment

mechanical dust collectors

While mechanical dust collectors have a long history of use alongside biomass-fired boilers, their modern function has changed. Their primary function today is integration into air handling systems, where they function as a pre-cleaner to remove particles from flue gas. This helps to extend the life of pollution control equipment and induced draft fans.

But the role of mechanical dust collectors doesn’t stop there. They’re also being used in biomass-firing systems to separate flue gas from coarse char particles with a high BTU value. That char can then be re-injected into the boiler, which has the potential to increase the efficiency of the boiler up to 2 percent.

Mechanical Dust Collectors: Easy System Integration

One of the best things about mechanical dust collectors is how easy they are to integrate into most air handling systems. This is due to their design simplicity, which consists of a rectangular or square housing that contains a parallel arrangement of cyclones, or tube assemblies. Using a combination of gravity and centrifugal force, they separate particles from the flue gas that comes out of the boilers. Typically, they are able to collect around 85 percent of particles that are at least 15 microns.

Before the 1980s, which was the point when the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) made changes to industrial emissions standards, mechanical dust collectors actually served as the main air pollution controllers in biomass-fired boiler systems. It was the implementation of these stricter regulations by the EPA that caused them to move into a “pre-cleaner” role.

A Highly Effective Solution

Biomass boilers aren’t the only ones that benefit from mechanical dust collectors. Many other systems have seen the implementation of MDCs, made possible with variations on the size of the inlet tubes, shape, discharge boot, and either including or excluding hood turning vanes. With these adaptive possibilities, air handling engineers are able to design a solution for the implementation of mechanical dust collectors for almost any system, which means better efficiency and longer equipment life for a minimal investment.

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