3 Ways Multiclone Dust Collectors Boost Efficiency

Multiclone Dust Collectors Boost Efficiency

Many plant managers often find themselves trying to keep emissions in check without cutting back on production, but the two aren’t always possible at the same time.

Fortunately, with a multiclone dust collector, decreasing particulate emissions and maximizing production can be done simultaneously — saving plant managers money and keeping the facility compliant. Read on for three ways multiclone dust collectors can boost efficiency for your plant.

Fewer Particles

The “multiclone” part of MDCs incorporates a series of highly efficient cyclones that work with a common inlet and outlet plenum, separating most of the particles from the air while it makes its way through the draft system. In order to maintain this efficiency with biomass dust collections, a larger tube design is essential.

More than Particle Removal

Aside from removing particles, MDCs also gather char for re-injection systems. They even pre-clean the air to keep erosion to a minimum and decrease the burden on APC equipment downstream.

Cost-Effective and High-Performing

MDCs don’t cost a lot, and the difference they make in reducing emissions can be significant, to say the least. In fact, before you consider any expensive emission reduction equipment for your plant, check into a multiclone dust collector. Today’s MDCs are more reliable and efficient than ever, and they could make maintenance and compliance easier on your plant than ever before.

Looking for a Partner for Your Plant?

Here at ProcessBarron, we have years of experience working with plant managers to keep their facilities up and running. We know how important efficiency is to your facility, and we understand that meeting regulations is vital.

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