Product Spotlight: Drag Conveyor Components

Drag Conveyor Components

ProcessBarron keeps a large variety of spare parts on hand—our goal is to stock all necessary drag conveyor components to meet our customers’ needs and ensure that they remain operational or return to efficiency as quickly as possible. Keep reading for more about our equipment maintenance services, and specifically our drag conveyor components.

ProcessBarron’s drag conveyors, ideal for when a change in elevation is needed, can be equipped with single or multiple chain strands. They’re designed to vertically pull various materials like coal, wood, TDF, and lime while maintaining the integrity of these particles. Our engineers can also customize these conveyor systems with multiple entry and exit points for optimum efficiency.

Drag Conveyor Maintenance and Inspection Services

An industrial plant lives or dies by its equipment. When machinery is running as it should, the plant prospers. When it isn’t, the plant suffers due to rising costs and downtime.

Our expert team of trained engineers and technicians can help you choose the right drag chain conveyor systems, and we also provide comprehensive inspection and maintenance services for your existing systems. This ensures the long-term efficiency of your materials-handling equipment. Regularly scheduled preventive maintenance, engineered upgrades, and installation of new components are among the services we offer.

Planned maintenance can help you better predict when you’ll need an upgrade or a retrofit. It’s better to conduct any upgrades within planned downtime, but it’s really difficult to prepare for these upgrades if you aren’t aware they should happen.

In case of emergencies, we also offer expert emergency repair services, ensuring your drag chain conveyor is back up and running as swiftly as possible. Avoid wasting time and money on mechanical failures & component malfunctions that lead to unexpected breakdowns and delays. We provide 24-hour emergency repairs, including component replacement, inspections, outage maintenance, rebuilds, redesigns, retrofits, system audits, and training.

“ProcessBarron is not just a provider, but a partner in meeting our customers’ needs,” said David Cantu, our Director of Material Handling. “We stock inventory of all types of spare parts, ready to keep our customers’ operations running smoothly. It’s this commitment to efficient service that keeps our customers returning for their equipment needs.”

Drag Conveyor Products & Spare Parts

ProcessBarron offers a diverse range of drag chain styles and sizes to cater to all your conveying needs. We carry a wide selection of sprockets and hubs, in addition to fully assembled rotary valves, double dump valves, fly ash conditioners, and a full line of cast and fabricated access doors. Our full-service machine shop is prepared to meet your boring or machining needs.

ProcessBarron is an industry leader in providing high-quality, timely spare parts and maintenance services for materials handling equipment. Our large inventory ensures minimal downtime for our customers. This commitment to quick and efficient service is why many choose ProcessBarron for their equipment needs.

At ProcessBarron, our mission is to have the drag conveyor parts you need ready for quick delivery and installation. Our inventory of material handling equipment components & spare parts includes:

  • Drag Chain with forged links in various types and sizes
  • Drag Chain links, pins, and retainer clips
  • Welded Conveyor Chain Drive and Tail Sprockets
  • Shear Pin and Idler Sprockets
  • Ash Conditioner Paddles and Screws
  • Roller Chain and Driven Sprockets
  • Specialty Shaft Seals
  • Assembled Rotary Valves
  • Replacement Flights for Screws
  • Access Doors
  • Many other materials handling spare parts

Interested in our drag conveyor components, or need more information? Give us a call today for a free quote or to learn more about our custom drag conveyor services!