Choosing the Right Drag Chain Conveyor Systems

drag chain conveyor systems

In a plant, material handling is essential. An optimized, streamlined material handling system can handle any amount of fuel to constantly feed boilers.

One particular type of material handling equipment includes drag chain conveyor systems, which are designed to handle a certain type of material in a particular environment. Selecting the right type – and the right manufacturer – is part of creating a robust, efficient, and durable handling system.

Here are tips for choosing the right drag chain conveyor systems for your facility.

Choose Systems to Match the Environment

Drag chain conveyors are best used in dust-tight environments that feature materials that are hot, abrasive, and/or corrosive. This can include (but isn’t limited to) coal, lime, biomass, wood, TDF, ash, or other materials in bulk.

Conveyors must be designed and made to match the environment. For example, the drag chain conveyors we typically engineer for our clients are built to withstand high temperatures, corrosion, and abrasion. We accomplish this by fabricating our systems with specialized coatings and alloys to protect the system and ensure longevity.

It is prudent to find systems that are protected from the environment, particularly one in which drag chains are primarily used.

Enhance Efficiency with the Right Design

Efficiency should be a prime objective when choosing conveyor systems. The more efficient the process, the more savings can be had for the entire process, which can cut operating costs significantly.

To enhance efficiency, some of our designs are made with multiple inlets and discharge points. This creates a more efficient and flexible model that can increase the flow effectiveness for materials. We can also vary the number of chains, from single-chain models to multiple-chain variants, all dependent on the need of the client.

It’s important that your drag chain conveyor systems are designed to maintain particle integrity. This can reduce or eliminate problems with fuel integrity that can decrease the efficiency of the burn.

For more information on creating custom drag chain systems, contact the experts at ProcessBarron.