Product Spotlight: Access Doors

Save Time and Money with Industrial Access Doors

Our durable access doors are designed to last and are available in four sizes to meet your industrial manufacturing needs.

The basic assembly consists of a ductile iron door and frame. It also includes a rope-style door gasket, cast iron quick clamps, mounting hardware, and sealing mastic. They are perfect for accessing ducts, fan housings, and other equipment.

ProcessBarron‘s prices for individual access doors include mounting hardware and mastic for extra durability. The door has the words “DANGER OPEN WITH CAUTION” cast in two places for maximum safety.

The Benefits of Access Doors for Your Plant

We make our strong access doors from cast ductile iron and they serve various purposes. They are suitable for ducts, hoppers, fan housings, and other equipment that require internal access. The doors are perfect for inspections or maintenance services.

We have designed features such as quick opening and tight shutoff into them. Compression of a fiberglass rope gasket groove-fitted into the frame face achieves tight shutoff. Adjustable quick-release clamps mounted to the frame maintain this strong compression by contacting a wedge cast into the door face.

We consistently stock and make available for immediate shipment the complete range of door assemblies in all four sizes. Including more choices, like the ones listed below, typically makes the wait time 2-3 weeks longer, except for a custom logo.

Custom Adapter Frames

For all our access doors, we can furnish weldable adapter frames. These custom adapter frames are perfect for existing installations that require access for inspection or service. These frames, made of carbon steel, can come equipped with all necessary bolts and gaskets for a seamless installation.

Enhanced Fiber Insulation

Enhance the performance of our doors by adding either three-inch fiber insulation or castable refractory on the inside. Adding insulation or refractory can help the doors work better. Choose one of these options to enhance the functionality of the doors. This helps reduce the outside door temperature, making it safer to touch.

The fiberglass rope seal can handle temperatures up to 1,200 degrees, but it works best at temperatures up to 800 degrees.

Contact us today to find out how our cast iron access doors can improve the performance of your equipment.

Safety Chains for Access Doors

For maximum safety, we recommend ordering safety chains for all doors. These safety chains are important for hoppers and bins, where dangerous material could be near the door.”

Add Your Branding

Stand out with your personalized and custom branding. Yes, you can add your own logo to your door for an additional cost. You must order a sufficient quantity of doors to make it cost-effective. Give us a call for more information on branding our access doors.

Quick-Open Inspection Doors

Various applications can use ProcessBarron’s “Quick-Open” Inspection Doors. These include baghouses, precipitators, ductwork, stacks, cyclones, fans, and different types of conveyors. The “Quick-Open” Inspection Doors are also suitable for live bottom screw bins, hoppers, and dust collectors. This makes them a practical choice for diverse industrial needs.

In need of industrial spare parts? Our team can analyze your system(s) and create a quote of what you need to keep your plant running efficiently.

ProcessBarron Services

ProcessBarron offers a broad range of services beyond just access doors. In the arena of Fuel & Ash Handling Systems, we provide:

  • Fuel receiving, storage, & delivery systems
  • Metering bins, screws, & drag reclaimers
  • Screening & hog towers
  • Custom belt, screw, & drag conveyor designs
  • Fly ash & bottom ash systems

Our Air & Gas Handling Systems services include:

  • Mechanical draft fans (including & forced draft)
  • Boiler upgrades & stokers
  • Economizers & tubular air heaters
  • Mechanical dust collectors
  • Custom dampers
  • Fabric & metal expansion joints
  • Ductwork & exhaust stacks
  • Fan & vibration analysis
  • Draft system assessment
  • Engineering analysis
  • Efficiency upgrades
  • Repair & rebuild

At ProcessBarron, we offer comprehensive services beyond Access Doors. We manufacture our spare parts and look for cost-saving solutions for your plant. No matter supply chain shortages, our team works around the clock to minimize downtime and maximize efficiency.

Our Fuel & Ash Handling Systems include custom belt, screw, & drag conveyor designs. Our Air & Gas Handling Systems offer boiler upgrades and mechanical dust collectors, enhancing efficiency. Continue to follow along for product announcements and industry knowledge.

Contact ProcessBarron today for information on our access doors, industrial spare parts, and other materials handling products and services.