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Right-Sizing Industrial Draft Fans for Efficiency Gains

To achieve optimum efficiency, an industrial fan manufacturer needs to size and design a fan so that its performance curve and system resistance curve intersect at an efficient point. If the system resistance curve is not accurately predicted, fan performance and operating efficiency are likely… read more

Mitigating Wear Caused by PRBC to Draft Fans

Power plants burn powder river basin coal (PRBC) to benefit from its relatively low sulfur content and price. The use of PRBC allows a power plant to meet stringent requirements on S02 emissions without a major investment in pollution control equipment such as a scrubber…. read more

Preserve Your Equipment with Mechanical Dust Collectors

Mechanical dust collectors have been used with biomass-fired boilers for more than 60 years. Today, they are primarily integrated into air handling systems as a “precleaner” that removes ash and sand particles from flue gas, thereby extending the operational life of induced draft (ID) fans… read more

Taking a Total Systems Approach to Air Handling Systems

We recently developed an air handling system for a brownfield redevelopment project in Antioch, California, which really brought into focus our thinking about our total systems approach to air handling equipment. First and foremost, consider that the redeveloped plant: Was to have a net output… read more