E-commerce Growth Expected to Boost Coated Paper Application Industry

Coated Paper Application Industry

To little surprise, the e-commerce industry is experiencing significant growth across developed and developing nations alike—mainly thanks to the wide variety of products available at consumers’ fingertips at a relatively lower cost. This rise in popularity affects a lot of different industries, but one, in particular, is coated paper applications. These applications include packaging and printing products used in the shipping of goods. 
In 2019, Europe’s total e-commerce sales grew to $676.19 billion (€621 billion). This can, in large part, be attributed to the high levels of disposable income among people today. This growth can also be attributed to online sales efforts, including promotion initiatives like discounts and free delivery—these are major factors in steering the demand for online products. 
Packaging, as we’ve been seeing more in recent years, plays a vital role in the online purchasing of selling of goods, because of its main function—protecting goods from spoiling, getting damaged, as well as general wear and tear during transit. Not to mention that ordering food and grocery items from home has grown and will continue to grow exponentially in popularity. This has led to a rise in demand for advancements in packaging—to keep up with this growth, and new ways people purchase online. 
The global coated paper industry size is projected to reach $55 billion by the year 2026, with the packaging sector providing a major boost to the material demand. Governments and other recognized entities across the world are undertaking numerous initiatives to reduce the use of plastic bags across the globe. For example, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in India has urged the country’s e-commerce industries to get rid of single-use plastic in their packaging gradually. Many companies have also been advised to develop sustainable packaging measures, suggesting favorable demand conditions for certain coated paper products. 
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