ProcessBarron in the Community

ProcessBarron in the Community

At ProcessBarron, community is a huge part of what we do! That’s why we cherish the opportunity to work with programs like “High School Ready to Work,” and the Pelham Police Department. Read about our latest community involvement here!

High School Ready to Work and ProcessBarron

On January 29, 2020, ProcessBarron had the pleasure of hosting 18 young adults from Thompson High School that are part of the “High School Ready to Work” program. The group was taken on a tour of our home office as well as one of our shops. Employees from the Human Resources Department, Safety Department, Production Management, Shop Personnel, and the Drafting Department took part in the visit. We took the time to answer questions about ProcessBarron, what it’s like to work for our company, and the opportunities we offer our employees. 
The “High School Ready to Work” program was created by a formed partnership between 58 INC., The Shelby County Chamber, The Onin Group, and Shelby County Schools Career Technical Education to assist high school students in transitioning from school to the workforce. The program officially began at the start of the 2019-2020 school year, and upon successfully completing the program, students will earn two credentials—the Alabama Certified Worker Certificate and the National Career Readiness Certificate. Students also have the opportunity to go on industry tours at local companies, such as ProcessBarron, and learn about the various career options through guest speakers.
As an employer partner, we shared with the students what we look for in a future employee and what skill sets are needed to be successful in the workforce. Skill sets include soft skills, appropriate attire, the importance of punctuality, etc.
We held a safety meeting with the students before taking them through our Pelham shop, where they were able to ask questions and meet with a draftsman in the Engineering Department to observe the type of work an engineer does, as well as what computer knowledge is needed. 
According to 58 INC., “Often it is not the technical skills or training that prevents a successful hire or retention, but the essential employability skills of punctuality, attitude, and communication that prevent successful employment.”
It is our responsibility as a local company to help the future workforce develop the skills they need to be successful in the workplace. It’s important for us to help guide these students when it comes to things like how to present themselves in an interview, as well as making them aware of good paying manufacturing jobs right here in their neighborhoods. Our success is tied to their success. 

Working with the Pelham Police Department Emergency Services Unit

On Wednesday, December 11, 2019, ProcessBarron supplied the Pelham Police Department Emergency Services Unit with seven cordless Metabo Cutting Grinders for use in the case of an Active Shooter or other emergency situations. These cordless, handheld grinders can be used to cut through doors for quick access to buildings in an emergency situation.
James Tyus, Trainer and Construction Personnel Manager at ProcessBarron, had the opportunity to train the team in safety and use of the Metabo Cutting Grinder. The grinders are high-powered and able to cut through doors and deadbolts, helping police enter schools, businesses, or other locations much more quickly during an emergency. “Now, one officer can get through a door, allowing the team to get in faster, without three people trying to pry the door open,” said Tyus. 
Two batteries also accompanied each grinder, so one battery can be charging at all times while the other is in the grinder and ready for use. A face shield for added safety was also provided to each of the seven cruisers that will have a grinder.
We are grateful for the Pelham Police Department Emergency Services Unit and the department as a whole. Their service does not go unnoticed, and we are proud to live in a safe community because of them!
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