Why Industrial Jobs Make a Great Career


It’s no secret that the success of the manufacturing industry directly relies on the strength and expertise of the individual people who power it on a daily basis. Recent reports have indicated that, with the help of skilled laborers in the workforce, the manufacturing industry could multiply its efficiency and profitability. Below are five truths that should encourage anyone to join the industry.

Truth #1

The jobs pay well. An average salary for manufacturing employees usually comes in a little over $84,000 annually, including benefits. Also, a huge majority of manufacturing employees, around 92 percent, are eligible for health insurance benefits. This number is higher than almost any other industry.

Truth #2

Modern manufacturing and material handling requires workers to be more skilled in technologically advanced machinery, robotics, 3D printing, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, and the Internet of things (IoT), among many other abilities. This means that workers have tons of opportunities to creatively challenge themselves, explore exciting new avenues, and constantly grow in their line of work—and these are the central factors that create enjoyable careers.

Truth #3

Manufacturing jobs are anything but mindless and monotonous—they require workers with a problem-solving perspective who are customer-oriented. The workers who thrive in this industry are always thinking outside of the box, identifying future concerns and devising innovative solutions. According to new data, 78 percent of millennials make the decision to work for a certain team based on their perceptions of how innovative the company is—and manufacturing couldn’t exist without innovative thinkers.

Truth #4

The manufacturing and material handling industry is thriving, and one of the factors that plays into this fact is that the industry is vital to the success of the U.S. economy at large. For example, every dollar spent in manufacturing adds $1.89 back to the economy. Also, for every employee in the industry, four employees are able to be hired in other sectors. Manufacturing multiplies value, not just within the industry but across other lines of work.

Truth #5

Job availability in the manufacturing industry is booming—in the next 10 years, a projected 3.5 million jobs will be available for people with specialized skills and advanced education. The positions will include opportunities to lead, develop, design, and invent, and the current culture of the industry is more inviting than ever.

Looking for a Career in Material Handling or Equipment Manufacturing?

Many people can find a career for themselves in manufacturing. The jobs pay well, the industry is thriving, and the work is exciting. As we all grow to better understand the truths of the industry, we will see an upswing in workers, innovators, and entrepreneurs. Interested in learning more about opportunities in heavy industry? Contact our team today or check out Careers Page.