Celebrating Safety in the Construction Industry

construction supervisor reviewing construction work

Construction Safety Week takes place from May 6th through the 10th this year, but we believe that safety in the industry should be top of mind year round. Either way, we are excited that this week sheds light on the importance of safety in construction, not just for individuals in industrial jobs, but for entire teams.

Snap Out of Your Routine

In construction and heavy industry, putting yourself in danger often means endangering others as well. Construction is such a group effort, and any one person cutting corners in their work puts everyone at risk. Make sure you are doing your part to keep the team safe! Your co-workers are relying on you.

Construction Safety Week encourages reflection, reevaluation of our safety practices, and reinvigoration of our efforts to reduce injuries in the workplace. The week snaps those in the industry out of their day-to-day routines. People get so accustomed to the ins and outs of daily work that they become blind to many of the dangers we face every day. They get comfortable, become less focused, and even cut a few corners—but in the end, it’s almost always the small dangers that lead to the biggest safety issues, whether they reveal themselves immediately or later down the road. So this Construction Safety Week, make a conscious effort to snap out of it!

Take Safety Seriously

Construction safety is more than a list of regulations set by government bodies—they are put in place to ensure that everyone leaves every worksite healthy and able to get back to their families.

Any extra time or effort these regulations require impact not only you but also your family at home, your community, and/or your business. All of these entities would be impacted greatly if something were to happen to you, so make sure to do what you can to keep yourself happy, healthy, and safe!

Safe Construction Practices Come from Leadership

The first line of defense against safety hazards in construction is the leadership for the company or project heads. When leadership does not know the conditions of the job site or the job itself, it can be hard for them to establish safe practices for the work. So before anything else, a company or project’s leadership should conduct a safety audit and inspection and respond to feedback from workers about the conditions on the job site, even before work begins. This will ensure safe conditions for everyone involved.

Make sure you’re doing all you can to ensure safe construction practices. And contact the ProcessBarron team today for more information!