Underpile Drag Reclaimers: Economical, Rugged Options for Feed Systems

Underpile Drag Reclaimers

Reclaiming materials requires reclaimers that are specifically designed to be efficient, cost-effective, and durable. Some types of reclaimers, however, have more of these qualities than others.

At ProcessBarron, we believe that underpile drag reclaimers are economical, rugged, low-maintenance options for anyone who wants a semi-automated feed system to reliably carry things like wood particles, biomass, and bark.

Here’s how we design our underpile drag reclaimers to be a top option for reclaiming systems.

Custom-Made Equipment on a Proven Foundation

Underpile drag reclaimers are built on a custom basis, but all are based on a proven engineering foundation that most effectively does the job.

Our drag reclaimer ranges from one to six strands, depending on volume and the specific application, and deliver a steady flow of fuel. These drag chains have an internal pivot without rotating on the sprocket teeth, which reduce erosion on the drive sprocket. Less wear and tear contributes to a longer operational lifespan for the drive sprocket assembly.

Additionally, multiple reclaimers can be placed side by side for redundancy in your operations.

Drive sprockets are also designed to have twice (plus 1) the number of teeth required around the sprocket, which helps the drag chain engage every other set of teeth every time the draft shaft spins. This is another innovation that further extends the operational lifespan of the drive sprocket assembly.

Another feature of our underpile drag reclaimers is how we design our tail shaft assembly and tail section. Both include a radiused pan that reclaims spilled material and returns it to the carrying side. What this does is makes the reclaimer self-cleaning – further cutting down on maintenance.

High capacity, durable, and low maintenance: these underpile drag reclaimers are the products of 30 years of development and deliver substantial benefits over other types of reclaiming equipment. While they’re not fully automated, they are more reliable than many fully-automated versions and deliver savings in excess of what more expensive platforms can offer.

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