The Latest News in Biomass


Here at ProcessBarron, biomass is a part of our daily lives – and that means we keep up with all the latest developments in this still-budding industry. We’ve promised to take care of our customers in every way possible, including education, and so we’ve rounded up some of the latest biomass news stories from around the world. Take a look!

Award-Nominated Biomass-Exclusive Plant in Sweden

You wouldn’t think it would be possible to have a full industrial plant right in the middle of a huge city like Stockholm, but the Värtaverket KVV8 biomass CHP plant is exactly that. Much of the plant is housed underground, and its ash goes back through the same tunnels through a closed-loop conveying system that keeps everything much cleaner. The plant is fueled exclusively by biomass, which comes from all over Sweden and other Baltic countries. Thanks to its innovative design, the boiler house at this plant is now a contender for two worldwide architectural awards.

A Fourth Biomass Generator from Drax

North Yorkshire power station Drax has activated its fourth biomass generating unit. It is already the largest decarbonization project in Europe, with this new fourth conversion pushing it to be completely off coal before the 2025 deadline. Unlike the other conversations, this one came in at a cost of around 30 million pounds – significantly less than the others, which cost around 700 million pounds collectively.

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