Three Ways to Streamline Your Shutdown

Scheduled shutdowns can often become a plant’s most expensive project. From the expense of equipment maintenance to the loss of production, downtime can significantly magnify financial strain. However, there are ways you can mitigate the costs of routine maintenance. Here are three tips:


1. Plan in Advance Shutdown pre-planning increases your efficiency and productivity. An important component in advance planning is communication. Ensure that everyone involved in the scheduled shutdown is aware of their role and ask for their feedback on each component of the shutdown process. Your shutdown plan should include:

  • Contingency plans for uncertainties
  • Timeline and anticipated outcome for each phase of the project
  • Identification of project roles, shift schedule, and project milestones
  • List of necessary equipment
  • Post-shutdown plan

2. Prioritize Your Activities Take stock of what maintenance activities will be conducted during your shutdown. Prioritize projects that will take longer than others or are pre-requisites for other phases. Strategic thinking can significantly reduce the risk of mid-project scope changes.

3. Outsource When Needed Sometimes outsourcing experienced professionals is the best solution to minimize downtime. Companies that are experts in shutdown management and plant maintenance can exponentially increase your productivity and reduce the impact of production loss.


By planning and prioritizing in advance, your shutdown season can be more productive and result in higher longevity for your plant’s equipment. Outsourcing shutdown management to an experienced company like ProcessBarron can lead to greater efficiency for the entire process. Contact us for a consultation on preventive maintenance and shutdown field services.