Three Characteristics of a True Turnkey Service Provider

As the industry trends more toward the utilization of turnkey services, it seems that a lot of companies have begun to hand out their own turnkey solutions. When a potential partner or contractor speaks about themselves as a turnkey solution provider, what does this mean? How does this impact your business? How do you know if they are what they say? 

While these sound like big questions, the answers are pretty simple. Here is everything you need to know about working with a turnkey solutions provider. 

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What is a Turnkey Service Provider?

Turnkey solutions are those which are built end-to-end and can be easily implemented into a current business process. In manufacturing, turnkey solutions are designed to fulfill a certain process and are immediately ready for use when implemented. 

Because they are readily available and require little to no configuration, they are often a cost-efficient way for manufacturing plants to products and solutions that meet their needs, without opting for a completely custom project. 

Turnkey solutions providers provide these products and solutions to businesses in the industries where they are experts

How can you tell if you are working with a true turnkey service provider? Here are three things to look for.

Evaluate the Process

When evaluating a turnkey provider, consider the process the company uses. Is it comprehensive? At ProcessBarron, we begin with a thorough evaluation and carry it through to execution. We go beyond treating symptoms and work to identify the source of the problem. This detailed evaluation guides us through the engineering, installation, and execution phases, providing you with a holistic cure, instead of a band-aid solution.

Staffing Requirements

Using a turnkey provider should eradicate the need for subcontractors. When you work with a true full-service provider, your life should get easier and your project more manageable. Your turnkey provider should provide and manage all personnel needed to complete a project. This means that you are dealing with one vendor, rather than a different contact for each part of the job.

Resources Available

A true turnkey provider’s services should also include all the resources necessary to execute a project. ProcessBarron possesses a complete in-house fabrication shop. From engineers to draftsmen to crews on-call, we can handle every nuance of your project at every turn.

ProcessBarron’s Turnkey Services

At ProcessBarron, we take our claim to be a turnkey service provider to heart. We are your one-stop solutions provider for air & gas handling, bulk materials handling, and ash handling and strive to ensure maximum efficiency for your equipment and operations. We provide the products and services to meet your needs in a manner that fits your budget. 

For our team, this isn’t an industry catchphrase, but our continued commitment to our customers. Contact us today to see why we are the industry’s total systems solutions provider.