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Service Spotlight: Fan Efficiency Upgrades

fan efficiency

One service that has the potential to significantly modify your plant’s production is fan efficiency and draft system upgrades.  At ProcessBarron, we provide system industrial fan inspection and testing. We evaluate temperature, abrasion, corrosion, stress levels, fatigue life requirements, etc. to provide the best performance and mechanical design possible.   

Our Fan Efficiency Upgrade Team

Our expert team crafts the most efficient, economical, and productive design for each piece of equipment. The goal is always to reduce power requirements and increase not only the capacity of your facility, but also your cost savings. 
ProcessBarron’s fan efficiency upgrades include industrial fan efficiency, energy, and draft system performance evaluations, fan testing, and state-of-the-art computational fluid dynamics flow modeling of your draft system. We can provide reduced emissions and fan upgrades using the least in flow measuring and power monitoring techniques. Many of our upgrades are to meet MACT compliance. 
Through proper fan selection and design, equipment modification, system redesigns, and proper inlet/outlet ductwork implementation, ProcessBarron can improve operational efficiencies for you and your facility. We have one of the most thorough fan efficiency upgrade services available in the industry today. 
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