Backward Curved Fans vs. Backward Inclined Fans

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At ProcessBarron, we have the skills and the expertise necessary to assess your facility’s needs. We can analyze your working environment to tell you exactly what kind of industrial fan you need, but here’s what you should know at a glance. 

Backward Curved Fans

Backward curved fans are highly efficient. ProcessBarron can assess your operation’s air handling requirements, so we can manufacture and install a backward curved fan that’s an accurate size for your system. 
Backward curved fans are designed to last for a very long time, as well as to be efficient in air, gases, dust, and material handling applications. Because of their rugged design, backward curved fans can significantly minimize your operating costs. 
ProcessBarron’s backward curved fans are performance rated in accordance with AMCA standards. They are each tested rigorously, as well as quality checked for proper rotating assembly operation, rotor resonance properties, and overall fan performance. They’re fabricated from a wide variety of materials including Hastelloy, ASTM 36, high strength carbon steels, and exotic alloys. Because of the quality material used to construct them, our backward curved fans are extremely long-lasting in high temperatures, high pressure, and corrosive environments. 
Common accessories and options include:

  • Inlet and outlet dampers
  • Expansion joints
  • Access doors
  • Standard NEMA motors
  • Spark-resistant construction
  • Extended life bearings
  • Special coatings
  • Silencers and insulation

Backward inclined fans

At ProcessBarron, we can custom fabricate a new or a replacement backward inclined flat fan out of a wide variety of materials like heavy duty steel or exotic alloys. Our fan rotors are balanced to ANSI standards, and our finite element analysis and other advanced testing processes make sure that your backward inclined fan boasts a stable design and accurate performance. 
Backward inclined fans can be found in forced draft, as well as induced draft service for a variety of different industries, including chemical and power plants, cement, pulp and paper, foundries, and refineries. 
ProcessBarron’s backward inclined fans are available with several different options and accessories, including inlet and outlet dampers, inlet boxes, access doors, and silencers. 
Need more information on which is right for you? Contact ProcessBarron today.