ProcessBarron Hosts Five New International Sales Reps

materials handling

ProcessBarron representatives are not only in the United States, but scattered all over the world! Not only are we spreading rapidly throughout Canada, but we now have four representatives in South America as well as one in Switzerland.

In order to make sure they were fully equipped, we brought them to good ole’ Alabama to attend a Sales Rep Training during the first week in August. New ProcessBarron reps in the United States, South America, and Switzerland attended the training. More than 15 attendees came to our Pelham, Alabama, office to ensure that each representative of ProcessBarron felt knowledgeable and confident with the products and services they sell.

During the seminar, each product manager gave a presentation that further explained their line of work. Face-to-face is crucial for learning our industry because it allows these reps to ask questions, share thoughts, see parts, etc. One afternoon, the reps were taken around each workshop to get a visual of the materials and products we manufacture in-house. Materials handling equipment, dampers, expansion joints, field service – you name it, they learned it!

Below are our 4 South American reps, as well as our new Switzerland rep:

Alvaro Monzon - Guatemala & El Salvador
Alvaro Monzon – Guatemala & El Salvador
Luis Osorio – Columbia
Alfonso Carrillo - Chile
Alfonso Carrillo – Chile
Mayra Ortiz – Dominican Republic
Fabio Cirrincione – Switzerland

We are thrilled to have these folks on board, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for them with ProcessBarron!