New Proposals Sought for Renewable Energy Projects in California

biomass development

Proposals are now being sought to develop 75 MW of energy from renewable sources across northern and central California.

Pacific Gas & Electric Co. has put out a call for developers to submit proposals for biomass, solar, and wind developments designed to generate 75 MW of new energy for its customers through projects that individually will range from 0.5 MW to 20 MW in output capacity.

The Regional Renewable Choice Program

This drive comes under the utility’s Regional Renewable Choice Program that allows all customers – from local businesses to municipalities and homeowners – to receive up to 100 percent of their electricity from renewable energy. Customers who participate receive a credit on their energy statement each month.

The program originally offered only solar energy, but has since expanded to encompass wind and biomass. Biomass development in particular is promising because of the considerable potential California offers in terms of renewable fuel.

Proposals are being accepted until September 30. A competitive bidding process will be used to narrow down entries to those that will be selected in December. PG&E expects to issue two additional RFPs in 2017.

If you want to know more about submitting a proposal under the Regional Renewable Choice Program, visit the PG&E website.

Selecting a Proven Development Partner

Choosing a proven development partner with a track record of success can help increase your odds of having your proposal selected by PG&E or other utilities.

ProcessBarron specializes in helping biomass developers create a robust, durable, and efficient infrastructure for biomass handling and production. We use custom engineering to not only create efficient plans, but also carry them out through high-quality, custom construction.

Contact us for more information on how we can partner with you on this proposal or any other proposal for new biomass development.