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Equipment Spotlight: Double Dump Valve

Valves are the gatekeepers of the ash handling system. Even the slightest inefficiencies can greatly impact productivity, so it is important to understand the aspects of different valves options.  With Double-Dump Valves, you can expect: Less Deterioration. While rotary valves are a good option for… read more

Emissions, Efficiency & Energy: 3 birds, 1 stone

Emission standards are an ever-evolving issue. Fortunately, meeting tighter environmental requirements doesn’t have to result in a loss of productivity or expensive back end equipment. Often small modifications to your air handling system, such as retrofitting fans, damper and expansion joints, can generate big savings…. read more

Equipment Spotlight: Biomass Reclaimers

ProcessBarron has been manufacturing & installing rugged, reliable biomass reclaimers throughout North America for over 20 years. From Underpile Drag Chain Reclaimers, Screw Reclaimers & Radial Stacker Reclaimers the ProcessBarron team is well-versed in the unique challenges of handling biomass. Reclaimers vary in fuel storage… read more

5 Things to Know: Industrial Fan Efficiency

Industrial Fans can be one of the most parasitic pieces of equipment on a system.  Taking simple steps to minimize the fan’s negative impact can make a tremendous difference on a facility’s energy efficiency… and bottom line. Correctly size your fans. Correctly sized fans are… read more

Best Material Handling Practices when Converting from Coal to Biomass

  ProcessBarron was again asked to contribute a featured article for Biomass Products & Technology‘s April issue on biomass material handling.  Cliff Moss, VP and Director of Material Handling at ProcessBarron, took this opportunity to detail the “Best Material Handling Practices When Converting from Coal… read more