How to Steer Clear of Industrial Fan Problems

industrial fan

After you have purchased an industrial fan for your plant, the next thing you should consider is how to properly install and maintain it so that it functions the way it’s supposed to. If mistakes are made with either of these procedures, the fan may experience failure and your whole plant may have to shut down until it’s fixed.

Read on for tips for installing and maintaining your industrial fan – and keeping your plant up and running.

Industrial Fan Installation

If your fan is not installed properly, it’s not likely to work the way it’s meant to. Before you have the fan installed, make sure that the person doing the installation knows exactly what they are doing. Here are some things to look for during the installation process:

  •      The fan support should be rigid so that it can handle various levels of vibration.
  •      It should be installed on a sturdy surface (preferably reinforced concrete) that can handle the fan’s dead weight.
  •      If there are high levels of vibrations, they should be isolated with vibration isolators.
  •      All alignments should remain within the manufacturer’s specifications.
  •      The connections between the fan’s inlet/outlet and the ducting should be flexible.

If one or more of these things is not done correctly, you could be looking at major problems in the future – and your plant could be facing significant downtime.

Operation and Maintenance

No matter which manufacturer your fan comes from, they will give you an operational manual. This will give you every piece of information you need when it comes to operating and maintaining your industrial fan, but here are some tips that apply across the board:

  •      Before you start the fan, rotate the wheel by hand (following proper lockout procedures) to make sure that the moving parts are functioning correctly.
  •      Properly lubricate all bearings to prevent failures.
  •      Make sure to perform regular inspections of the fan for corrosion, wear, or buildup of material. If you find a problem, take care of it – don’t let it persist until it causes a major issue.

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