Best Material Handling Practices when Converting from Coal to Biomass


ProcessBarron was again asked to contribute a featured article for Biomass Products & Technology‘s April issue on biomass material handling.  Cliff Moss, VP and Director of Material Handling at ProcessBarron, took this opportunity to detail the “Best Material Handling Practices When Converting from Coal to Biomass.”  Below is an excerpt from the article.

There are many reasons conversions have been slow to materialize, but a common thread is the lack of familiarity with biomass fuel characteristics, particularly in the utility industry. As the promising transition to biomass fuels gains traction, the biomass industry must gain a better understanding of what it takes for plants to successfully convert from coal-firing to biomass-firing facilities… From selecting the right engineering team, to understanding how biomass fuels will affect the boiler and its surrounding equipment, proper planning and understanding of common pitfalls will improve the likelihood of a successful coal-to-biomass plant conversion.

Read the article in its entirety Biomass Products & Technology.

With over two decades in the industry, Moss is an expert in the unique characteristics of biomass material handling, air handling and ash handling equipment.  Please contact him at 866-307-4318 for a consultation of how your plant can benefit from equipment modification or upgrades.