What to Look For when Buying Screw Metering Bins

buying screw metering bins

Screw metering bins are essential when it comes to smoothly and efficiently feeding fuel into a boiler. They are integral to keeping the power-producing process running as it should. But not all screw metering bins are created equal.

Keep reading to learn why screw metering bins are important and what qualities you should look for in the screw metering bins you are considering before you buy.

The Importance of Screw Metering Bins

Screw metering bins use single or multiple engineered screws to distribute fuel in a proper way. This allows for uniform heat distribution throughout the combustion process, and also allows for better control of boiler emissions.

The right bins can safely and productively distribute fuel to a boiler system so there is no interruption in fuel feed from the main storage area to the fuel combustion area. The process should be smooth and devoid of plugging or any other problems.

Avoiding Plugging

One of the main problems that emerges with fuel feed systems is plugging, when the fuel plugs up the entry and exit points along the path.

Some of this is due to incorrect sizing of the fuel itself, but much of it can be traced back to poor design on the equipment that transfers the fuel, like screw metering bins. We custom-design screw metering bins to minimize or eliminate plugging, to ensure that a free flow of fuel continues at all time.

Ensuring Efficiency and Longevity

Your screw metering bins should also be engineered in such a way as to make them resilient, efficient, and durable.

You can find bins with variable speed controlled screws that meter fuel based on the speed you set, which can be adjusted as needed. This controls the amount of fuel that enters the boiler at any given point. You can also find bins with screws that are protected by abrasion-resistant ceramic coatings or a chromium carbide weld overlay. This increases the lifespan of your system and lowers the total cost of ownership.

If you are interested in the latest in custom-made screw metering bins for your plant, contact us and request a quote. We have experience in engineering and constructing custom systems that make processes easier and more efficient for our clients.