The Perks of Using Radial Blade Centrifugal Fans

centrifugal fans

Air handling systems allow for an arsenal of fans and fan types, but the right one for a plant’s performance boils down to a few key needs: plant environment, overall goals, and the degree of efficiency necessary. Nailing these down will help you decide which fan is prime for your specific situation. While fans come in a variety of characteristics and types, some stand out depending on the situation, as well as the factors outlined above. One such fan configuration that provides a number of benefits to plants is radial blade centrifugal fans. In fact, you might be surprised by how many perks they can provide to your plant. 

They’re Resilient to the Core

Just saying radial blade fans are durable may be selling them a bit short. Commonly, radial blade centrifugal fans boast a structural design that outmatches fans throughout the rest of the field. How’s this, you might ask? It’s because radial blade fans are manufactured to move massive volumes of air, which hinges on its high-pressure structure and components. For this to occur, durability and resilience are musts. 

More Suited to Harsh Conditions

Not all industrial fans can stand up to plant conditions, especially if they’re on the harsher end of the spectrum. Radial blade centrifugal fans, thanks to their rugged and durable design, can withstand harsh conditions, making them a more ideal choice in certain circumstances than their other industrial fan counterparts. 

Easy Maintenance Over Lifespan

Radial blade centrifugal fans don’t just score selling points in durability and power. These fans also pay for themselves in something nearly as essential—through simple and easy maintenance. Radial blades boast easy operational upkeep, which will signal good news for plants that may feel saddled with constant maintenance costs and overhead. 

The key to easy maintenance? It can be chalked up to many things, but there is one that stands out: self-cleaning mechanisms. These embedded self-cleaning configurations make quick work of maintenance, and increase fan lifespan and lower service costs to boot. 

Less Cost Upfront

Talking about fan and plant performance without bringing cost-savings into the mix seems unjust. Radial blade fans, when compared to other industrial designs, tend to curb upfront capital costs. This makes this fan type a prime contender for those plants looking to trim capital expenditures during initial project kickoff. 

Are You a Fan, Yet?

It’s not really a secret, but—as you might have gathered—we’re a fan of radial blade centrifugal fans. In fact, we offer custom fabrication for our fans, constructing them from a set of ultra-strong materials built to last: high-yield steels, exotic alloys, and carbon steel. We also balance our fans to match ANSI standards and to undergo exhaustive testing and specialized finite element assessment. 

At ProcessBarron, we’re not just a fan of industrial fans: we’re also a fan of keeping your plant running as it should, no matter what material handling it involves. If you’re still a bit murky about what exactly you need, put our extensive industry expertise to good use. You can look at all our industrial fan offerings more closely on our site, and even dig into more details on specific product pages. Get in touch with a qualified representative, request a quote, and find out more of what we can do for you on our blog.