Streamlining a Scheduled Shutdown: Tips for Success

scheduled shutdown

Considering the cost of equipment maintenance and the lost production time, it’s easy to see why scheduled downtime can quickly become more expensive than you expected. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to streamline the process and keep costs as low as possible. Read on for a few tips for success with your next scheduled shutdown.

#1: Plan Like a Pro

When you craft a detailed plan for your shutdown, efficiency and productivity will increase exponentially. But there’s a key part of planning that many people forget about, and that’s communication.

Everyone who is part of the shutdown needs to be “in the loop” about what their role is, and you need to have feedback from them on every planned part of the shutdown. Often, others will see something in the plan that you may have missed — and catching a mistake now is much better than realizing you’ve made an error or a miscalculation during the shutdown process.

#2: Make a List of Priorities

Which maintenance items are most important for your shutdown? If any of them are lengthier or more complicated than the others, put them at the top of the list. Ask for input from everyone involved so that you can think strategically and reduce the risk of having to change plans in the middle of the process.

#3: Consider Partnering with an Outside Company

One of the best strategies for a successful scheduled shutdown is to outsource to a team of experienced professionals. Here at ProcessBarron, we’re dedicated to planning and prioritizing shutdowns so that production loss is minimized. We know that when it’s done correctly, a scheduled shutdown can help your plant function longer and more efficiently.

Contact us today for more information on how we can help your scheduled shutdown go as smoothly as possible.